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Tommy Hilfiger Launches Clothing Line for Kids with Disabilities

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If she couldn’t find the clothes, she’d make them. Scheier bought clothes off the rack and began modifying them to suit Oliver’s needs.

After she created the clothing for her son, Scheier realized there must be a larger market out there for this product. She began assembling focus groups to get a feel for what other parents were looking for and helped to develop the proper technology and modifications in order to make clothing options more wearable and workable, ones that would allow kids to self-dress. She then took her ideas to Hilfiger, who she thought would be the right fit for her idea.

“They’re a brand that caters to the family unit and their clothing goes from children all the way up to adults, but also they have a very big affinity for philanthropic movements,” Scheier told The Mighty. “I felt comfortable they were going to understand.”

Scheier made three major adjustments to the clothing…

oliver scheier for tommy hilfiger

Oliver Scheier. Credit: Tommy Hilfiger // Credit: Richard Corman

The closures (buttons, zippers, clasps, etc.) have all been replaced with a easy to use magnetic closures, and the pant legs, sleeve lengths and waistbands are all adjustable to account for comfort regardless of whether kids are sitting or standing more, or frequently moving between the two positions. Also, because pullover clothing can be difficult for children with limited mobility to put on, Scheier created options that can be entered through the back rather than pulling over the top.

Hilfiger might be the first brand to catch, but Runway of Dreams plans to rope in other companies to help spread the trend.

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“As far as I know, this will be the first mainstream, big name brand to offer an adaptable clothing collection,” Scheier told The Mighty. “This will be a huge initiative in the fashion industry that will truly be innovated by Tommy Hilfiger.”

Scheier plans on pushing the idea as far as it will go in the market.

Oliver has also been involved in the project from beginning to end, and even had the opportunity to be featured in Hilfiger’s new line as a model.

“It’s an amazing thing for him and my other kids to witness this journey and show them that you can make a difference and if you believe in something,” says Sheier. “You can make it happen.”

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