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Tow Truck Driver Leaves Bernie Sanders Supporter on Side of Road

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When Ideology Clashes With Duty

Breaking down on the side of the highway is not only a potentially frightening inconvenience, but it’s one of the easiest ways to ruin your day.

The only thing worse than getting in an accident or breaking down is if there’s no help available. For people not covered by AAA, or for those stuck in isolated areas with no other cars or tow trucks in sight, even a small fender bender could turn into a huge ordeal.

Driver Cassy McWade of North Carolina found this out the hard way earlier this week when she got into an accident on I-26 outside of Asheville. What she expected to be a regular towing experience escalated into an unwarranted clash of ideology and prejudice that left the young woman, who is disabled, stranded on the side of the road.

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Can a business refuse service based on political views?

Make America Kind Again

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The last thing 25-year-old Cassandra McWade expected when she got into a small car accident on Monday, May 2 was for it to make national headlines.

The young woman, whose Facebook cover photo reads “Make America Kind Again,” was hit by a tractor trailer while driving on a highway outside of Asheville, North Carolina, and afterwards, her car wouldn’t start. If you’ve ever been in a similar situation, you know how stressful it can be to feel stranded while waiting to be towed.

But when the tow truck finally showed up, the drama was only getting started.

Refusing Service

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When her tow arrived, driven by 51-year-old Ken Shupe of South Carolina, Cassy thought her ordeal was over.

On the contrary, shortly after arriving, Shupe informed the young woman that he couldn’t tow her car, and he promptly drove back to South Carolina, forcing McWade to wait another 4 hours for a tow.

It may sound like a joke, as Cassy first thought it was, but Shupe reason for refusing to tow Cassandra’s car was very real: the Bernie Sanders bumper sticker he saw on it.