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Train Station Resorts to Drastic Measures to Keep Out Homeless During the Holidays

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The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer…

…is singing loud for all to hear. We all love the holiday classics, but even the most famous Christmas songs can get on our nerves after a while.

If played too often and too loudly, music can lose its entertainment value and quickly become a source of annoyance. And it certainly doesn’t help when that music is sung at an obnoxiously high pitch by a group of Chipmunks…

One train station has resorted to nasty measures to reduce the homeless population this holiday season, and local citizens are up in arms about it. Read through the article below and see how you feel about it.

Is this any way to treat people?

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Source: Twitter @Telegraph News @MenchiesJax

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Rough Sleeping

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It seems that no matter where you go, centers of public transportation like bus and train stations are often havens for the less fortunate, and you are likely to see at least one homeless person there looking for shelter over night or when the weather is inclement.

The town of Bournemouth, England has taken a, ahem, creative approach to keeping the homeless out of the local train station in a measure that some are calling sadistic.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Annoying

christmas music homeless accordion

Source: Twitter @littleBits

The local police initially started a campaign in which they played bagpipe music at the station between midnight and 6 A.M., which sounds festive and traditional, except that their mission was equal parts entertainment and aural torture: the police have purposefully been blasting music to deter the homeless population from trying to sleep there.

However, in response to this tactic, around 4,000 signatures were gathered to put a stop to the madness. So the police improvised…