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Trans Man Recounts His Embarrassment of Still Having to Deal With Periods

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Male Menstruation and the Fallacy of Masculinity

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Recounting the pain and awkwardness of getting his period as a man, Sawyer explains, “I would wear multiple pairs of underwear with a pair of boxers on top of that just to make sure I didn’t leak anywhere or that no one knew I had my period.”

But it wasn’t just an issue of discomfort. “It’s definitely a safety risk,” he said, “You’re in the men’s room and somebody hears you rustling a paper because you’re changing a tampon, that outs you.”

Male menstruation is widely unacknowledged, but this isn’t only because of our male-dominated society’s contempt for discussing periods in general. On a wider scale, it’s a refusal to accept trans people, and the idea that somebody who doesn’t 100% fit our definition of male or female has no place in our culture.

“It strips away masculinity because it is viewed as a very feminine thing. So it’s very cyclical in that way that nobody’s talking about it because it is feminine, and then it stays feminine because nobody’s talking about men getting their periods, and I think it needs to be talked about more.”

Now, through this awesome campaign, Sawyer is pairing with the perfect company to help increase male trans visibility…

Thinx, for People With Periods

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Nobody wants to feel unnecessarily uncomfortable while already on their period, but for Sawyer, leaks or blood stains could become a safety issue, outing him as trans or weak in potentially dangerous situations.

That’s why the THINX period panty brand teamed up with Sawyer in a marketing move that expanded their outreach to embrace the trans community. Known for their lacy underwear lined with special absorbent crotches, THINX unveiled special, less feminine period underwear.

“A lot of people don’t realize that some men do get their periods because it’s just not talked about. There’s a lack of trans male visibility.”

But what’s the biggest takeaway Sawyer wants us to get from his story?

“It’s important to know that trans people are the same people that they were pre-transition. They’re just in a different package. They’re in a different box.”

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