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Trans Teen Left for Summer as a Boy, Comes Back to School Looking Like Kim Kardashian

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Out of the Closet But Far From the Finish Line

Transgender teen Kairah Kelly before her transition

Source: Facebook @Kairah Sierra Kelly

When Tyler was 11, he came out as bisexual to his family and friends, before amending his sexual preferences to “gay” a couple of years later. After that, Tyler’s parents became much more supportive of his makeup and dressing habits outside of school.

But still, Kairah, said, something was missing.

That all changed when 14-year-old Tyler found a video on YouTube that would change his life forever.

Keep Reading to find out how one make-up tutorial changed this teen’s life forever.

All It Takes Is One Role Model

Trangender teen Kairah Kelly

Source: Facebook @Kairah Sierra Kelly

It’s not hard to tell from Kairah’s beautiful face that she’s quite talented at makeup. The teen has spent many hours over the years watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, but when she stumbled across one video featuring a transgender makeup artist, she never expected to see so much of herself reflected there.

The artist described her journey from feeling “trapped in the wrong body,” words that are shared by many in the trans community. Tyler finally had words to describe what he was feeling.

The Bravest Step

Trangender teen Kairah Kelly with mother Angela

Source: Facebook @Angela Kelly

After having come out to his parents as gay a couple of years prior, the thought of having to bridge that uncomfortable, taboo-ridden topic of “coming out” to his parents again was a lot for Tyler to handle.

Unable to face her parents, Kairah and a friend composed her feelings in a text to Kairah’s mother, pictured above, in school.

When she got home, a pleasant surprise awaited her. “She was really supportive, telling my dad that night,” Kairah said. “He was accepting. The next morning he told me he loved me for who I was.”