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Transgender Woman Told She Was An ‘Anomaly’ by the TSA

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Shadi Petosky Transgender Woman Detained

Source: Twitter @shadipetosky

Story Courtesy: Storyful/Elie Lichtschein

A transgender woman took to Twitter to express her anger and humiliation on September 21, claiming she had been held up by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents as she tried to board a plane leaving Orlando. Shadi Petosky tweeted “I am being held by the TSA in Orlando because of an ‘anomaly’ (my penis).” She added, “The TSA has left me in a room alone. There is an officer holding the door.”

Petosky claims that the TSA held her because of her status as a trans person. “I fly all the time and this has never happened,” she tweeted. “I really thought the TSA was good about trans issues. I am so dumb.” Petosky’s tweeted about her experience below.

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