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Trippy Anti-Drug Campaign Uses THIS Animal, Weirdness Abounds

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No Hope in Dope, Only Cute Animals

Isn’t it funny how we use animals to represent certain types of people? Giraffes are tall, lions are brave… but what animal would you pick to represent a stoner?

An Australian anti-drug campaign has answered this question for us, and a series of commercials from New South Wales are now making waves, although their true message may have fallen to the wayside.

Instead, people are freaking out over the weird choice of the campaign to use giant sloths to represent teenagers whose brains have been altered by drug use.

stoner sloth featured image

Source: YouTube @aa4398743873

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Stoner Sloth

stoner sloth 1

Source: YouTube @aa4398743873

The “You’re Worse on Weed” campaign has a good, if exaggerated message. It aims to warn teenagers about short and long term effects that smoking marijuana could have on their brains, as well as their decreased capacities if they “burn out.”

The series of commercials set large sloths into everyday situations that teenagers might encounter: school, the family dinner table, and a party. In each circumstance, the “stoner sloth” fails to complete easy activities, and its peers judge it severely.

The Campaign

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Sounds amazing, right? Then check out the commercials, and see if you can handle the weirdness.