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Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog Talking to Young Voters Is the Most Offensive Thing On The Internet Right Now

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“No Democratic contender can win without seeking the support of college students.”

Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog is no stranger to controversy. Since 1997, Triumph, a cigar-puffing Yugoslavian Mountain Hound has shocked and humored audiences with his unabashed attacks on all things, from celebrities to Star Wars to politics.

Now that we’re in the midst of a presidential election year, Triumph is on the road again and hoping to insult as many people as possible. His latest victims? A group of college students from the University of New Hampshire, right in time for the New Hampshire primary earlier this week.

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This is the least PC interview you’ll ever see.

Famous for its “bias-free language guide,” which helps to keep students and faculty as PC as possible, the University of New Hampshire was a perfect target for Triumph.

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He refers to the university’s students as “in search of a safe place inside a safety school.”

Sitting down with a mix of students, Triumph immediately begins to attack the school’s emphasis on being politically correct, which includes not using trigger labels like “freshman” or “poor.”

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Source: YouTube @Hulu

Needless to say, Triumph finds a way to ridicule the caution and sensitivity the students try and observe around each other. He also labels them with some pretty hilarious name tags…