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True Stories From Employers Who Had to Fire Someone on the First Day

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You’re H/Fired

Starting a new job is scary.

Even though you’ve gotten through the job search, which can often be just as hard as maintaining a job in the first place, now the real test begins. How long can you last?

Though every job is different. Many industries give new employees a period of about 90 days to prove themselves on the job. In other professions, such as teaching, you might even work at the same place for years before your employer lets you know that you won’t be getting tenured.

And then for some people, all it takes is one day.

Though it seems like something out of a sitcom, some people’s first day of work is also their last. Employers and managers of Reddit were asked to share the stories of why they’ve ever had to fire someone on the first day, and let’s just say these stories are WILD.

you are fired post it

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This isn’t going to work out.

Starting With a Bang

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I worked at a large housing and counseling center for delinquent teenage boys.

Usually about half of each new group of people hired didn’t last more than a couple of weeks (they hired in ‘waves’ and give them two weeks of training before they have them do much on the job work).

However, the employee that topped them all was arrested during his first day of training. He was a vet, with good references, seemed level headed, etc. Great hire! Except….during a training lecture, a bunch of [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives] guys showed up and arrested him for selling lots of explosives and restricted weapons without a license or documentation. (Mudders_Milk_Man)

All in the Family

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I got to fire my co-managers sister who called 5 minutes before her first shift and said she’d be there in an hour because she just sat down to dinner with friends.

“What do you mean you just sat down for dinner? Your first shift is in 5 minutes?”
“Yeah I know. But we were out and decided to go for dinner. I’ll still be there, just a little late.”
“An hour isn’t a ‘little’ late. Be here in 5 minutes or don’t bother coming in at all.”
“But is my sister! she gave me the job!”
“Yes she did. See you in 5, or not at all”
“But is my sister!”

EDIT: wow this blew up! RIP inbox. And gilded Thanks anonymous! To answer the most common questions:

My co-manger was actually happy about it. She knew her sister would be a shitty employee and only agreed to hire her because we were desperately short staffed and she could start immediately.

And to those asking if an hour is that big a deal, yes. Yes it is. This was a hospitality position and the roster is based around expected volume of customers. An hour short staffed means less customers served, which means less money through the till short term and pissed off customers which means less money long term. (thickeySFW)