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Trump Is Just a Mean Girl

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This is the American youth saying, “Trump, you can’t sit with us.”

The caricature that is Donald Trump has gone way too far. Like a new kid at school that seems funny at first and then rapidly turns into an egomaniacal bully, Trump’s campaign was cute at first, but these days he’s become a frightening tour de farce with a political burn book that knows no bounds.

The impact that Tina Fey’s 2004 hit Mean Girls has had on both pop and millennial culture knows no bounds, having become a staple of teen comedy. With seemingly endless references that can be applied to practically any everyday occurrences, writers at NYLON got to thinking… is Donald Trump just America’s newest Queen Bee?

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The pop and politically savvy will love this!

During the course of his candidacy, Trump has become known for his abhorrent and outlandish tweets, digital vehicles he uses to freely attack anyone who would stand in his way.

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That got some comedians thinking: what would happen if we changed the voice behind Trump’s tweets to characters who might more accurately be saying these things? Namely, mean teenage girls.

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Source: YouTube @NYLON