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Trump Supporters in Fake Focus Group Show Just How Far They’d Go

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How Far Will Trump Supporters Go?

Is it just me, or does it feel like people get much crazier during election season?

Yes, the race for the presidency brings out both the best and worst of the American experiment: the lofty ideals our forefathers founded the nation upon, the possibility for anyone to rise to the top, but also our dangerous prejudices and biases, a fuming self-hatred that could easily tear us apart.

No election in recent memory has been fueled by more vitriol, though with Donald Trump’s unapologetic comments and unabashed ways, it’s really no surprise. But just how far would Trump’s supporters be willing to go?

Late night comedic staple Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is active as ever this election season, and he turned his puppet sights towards a group of Trump supporters, who he tricked into thinking that they were participating in a focus group in order to give feedback on some new-and-improved Trumpian ideas. Whether you think this is real or staged, these reactions are truly disturbing.

trump focus group prank shock collars

Source: YouTube/Hulu

Here are the extreme campaign platforms they supported! Is anybody safe?

Gun’s in All Women’s Rooms

trump campaign trans bathrooms guns

Source: YouTube/Hulu

“Okay look, I believe that transgenders deserve to use the bathroom they feel comfortable in,” the Trump-imitator begins the video, convincing the focus group that it’s really Donald speaking. This platform supports keeping a vending machine full of guns in women’s restrooms for them to use in case of an emergency against a trans female or predatory male attacking them.

Though hesitant, the group seems to be behind this idea, with one man blaming Caitlyn Jenner and President Obama for the “transgender problem.” Others acknowledge that getting a gun out of a vending machine might not be efficient in an emergency, suggesting instead that bathrooms come with baseball bats for such an event.

Is Hillary Actually a Woman?

trump campaign is hillary a woman

Source: YouTube/Hulu

A birthright truther who rallied against Obama’s otherwise accepted nationality, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Donald Trump actually claimed that Hillary wasn’t a biological female. This platform point merely wants Hillary to come forward and either confess that she is, in fact, a man, or otherwise deny it and dispel the rumors.

Though the focus group clearly understands this one is humorous, they “think the public would enjoy it” and wouldn’t mind Trump throwing a punch.