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TV Moments They Didn’t Want You to Know Were Scripted

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Reality So Real It’s Fake

Ah, the TV. Millions of people around the globe are glued to the television at any given moment, and whether for news or entertainment, there are plenty of us who depend on the TV for information about the world, current events, and pop culture.

They’ve warned us not to believe everything we read online, but then why do we see things on TV and just assume they’re the truth? Turns out, a lot more than what you’d think of what we’re watching is fake, whether or not the studios want you to know.

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Source: E!/ Twitter @AnusAlRashaid

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Miss Universe

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Source: Twitter @MissUniverse

The world held its breath last night after mustachioed host Steve Harvey announced that he had made an error in proclaiming Ariadna Gutiérrez of Colombia as Miss Universe 2015. Though he apologized profusely and shared images of the cue cards with TV and the internet to prove it was an honest mistake, people can’t help but speculate that this blunder might have been a publicity stunt. After all, the Miss Universe Pageant is getting more attention than ever.

American Idol Auditions

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Source: Twitter @PaganoEvents

Think you’re getting an honest slice of auditions? Since the show’s debut, American Idol has attracted the best of the best and the worst of the worst. And that’s about all they show you, too. Mediocre auditions have no place when it comes to TV ratings.

Like most TV shows, if it’s not all totally fake, we’re shown very specific slices of reality.