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TV Moments They Didn’t Want You to Know Were Scripted

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Super Bowl XXXVIII AKA Nipplegate

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This is a crowd favorite when it comes to the debate between wardrobe malfunction or scripted moment. At the very last second of the halftime show for the 2004 Super Bowl, Justin Timberlake ripped off a piece of Janet Jackson’s costume, revealing her not-so-bare-breast (she had a “nipple plate” on it).

Audiences were appalled, calling it the end of morality in America as we knew it (never mind the fact that the duo spent the entire number grinding up and down the stage). Multimillion dollar lawsuits came out of it, and MTV was permanently barred from halftime shows.

Not everybody was so convinced, however. If this moment had been a mistake, why would Jackson wear a pastie? Why would the costume piece be perfectly detachable? And why did it happen at the last moment, just before the lights went out? After all, Jackson doesn’t even try and cover herself.

This Car Repo Moment

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Actually I think this is all real.


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And yet there are still people who think that the WWE and the independent circuits are totally legit.