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Twitter Gets a Blast From the Past With #InMyChildhoodBedroom

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In My Room…

Think about your childhood bedroom and what do you see? Many of us spent long hours seeking solitude in our rooms as children, and our memories and possessions there can tell so much about our upbringings.

Did you have your own room, or did you share with a sibling? Was the room big, or was it a glorified broom closet? Did you have a boombox? A record player? Bunk bed?

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A trending hashtag this past weekend brought us a crashing wave of nostalgia as users took to Twitter to share the items that adorned their bedrooms as kids, giving them identity and personality back then and a strong sense of longing today.

Did you have any of these things in your room?

Geli loves Chachi!

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When are they going to make an iPhone that looks like this?

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