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Twitter Hashtag #MemeHistory Makes History Hilariously Relevant

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Ever Wondered How The Disciples Reacted When Jesus Suddenly Turned Their Water Into Wine?

On March 10, the first tweets using the #MemeHistory hashtag originated and Twitter has been lit as a Bic ever since. The wonderful, creative citizens of the internet are sharing memes and photos which capture the mood of a major incident in history, effectively ‘meme-splaining’ the event. No stone (even the Rosetta Stone) is left unturned, with memes hilariously recapping how people felt when Jesus turned water into wine, right up to when Rosa Parks’s mood when she decided that she had had enough on a bus seat in 1955.

#memehistory judas jesus meme

Source: Twitter @davglav

The viral wildfire started when Twitter user Trill Withers retweeted a photo of a school presentation and then added “Making powerpoints would be so great now with all the memes out.” First his followers shared their take on major world events with the help of some memes. Then, after someone suggested Withers put forward a hashtag, #MemeHistory was born. Withers captured some of the earliest tweets in a blog post, but we’ve kept up with the flow and collected some of the best #MemeHistory creations for you!

I know you haven’t brushed up on your history since you threw away your overpriced textbooks and graduated, so what are you waiting for?

Keep reading to see some of the best #MemeHistory Tweets!

How did Hitler feel about territory?

Imma just take this… and this. Yeah, yeah. I’m gonna take that too.

When you at the banquet function and all of a sudden Jesus turns water into wine

HE DID NOT JUST DO THAT. BRO. What was in that hummus?