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Two Words: Pocket Kittens

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So long, small dogs in purses! The hot new accessory is pocket kittens. What’s cuter than a cat? A kitten. What’s cuter than a kitten? A kitten in a pocket. What’s cuter than a kitten in a pocket? NOTHING. Feast your eyes on the cutest things you’ll ever see. Then go run out and adapt a kitty to put in your pocket. It’s like a portable warmer for these cold winter days.

pocket kitty 015

Source: Instagram @ingersf

Check out these cute cats…in pockets!

All the pockets!

pocket kitty 001

Source: Imgur @MoochoLotso

Don’t forget the back pockets! Me-ow!

It’s dangerous to go alone!

pocket kitty 002

Source: Imgur

Take the world’s saddest kitty.