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U.S. Government Officially Admits Marijuana Medical Breakthrough

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Will this new information make marijuana legal for good?

Champions for the legalization of marijuana are praising an update on the government’s cancer information website with some pretty startling information about the use of marijuana by cancer patients. It goes far beyond stoking hunger and easing pain, and it could finally lead not only to the legalization of marijuana for everyone, but to fewer deaths caused by the devastating disease.

Cancer Patient with Spouse

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If you know someone suffering from cancer, please tell them about this revelation in cancer treatment!

Turning the Tide on Pot

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It has come to the attention of those who have been fighting hard to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use that the United States Government put some brand new information in the Cannabis and Cannabinoids patients section of their cancer information website that could finally put an end to this drawn-out fight over whether marijuana is a good or bad “drug.”

Recent Legalization

Bag of Pot Labeled For Medical Use Only

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Though the government has slowly been legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes in some states over the years, far too many U.S. citizens still see it as a bad drug that is highly intoxicating to users and makes them non-functional. Though there have been no deaths attributed directly to marijuana use, tens of thousands of people are jailed for possession of pot each year.