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Ultimate 2016 Election Plot Twists

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We Didn’t See That Coming

For months, all we’ve seemed to hear is election news, and for months to come, it will only be more of the same thing.

Every four years, the American media and public is swept up by this paramount governmental change that marks not only a shift in policy but a change in history as well. With Donald Trump dominating the Republican Party ticket and Hillary and Bernie still going head-to-head, some polls and experts act as if they’ve got the election all figured out, but where’s the fun in that?

Redditors suggested the absolute best political plot twists that would make this election season one to remember, and they’ll have you wishing the political scene were really this absurd and hilarious.

election plot twist frank underwood trump

Source: Twitter @TheLoudMajority

And the next President of the United States is…

If Only

election plot twist jfk nixon

Credit: Keystone/ Getty Images

BruteTartarus66: JFK awakens from Kryptonian hypersleep after 53 years and gets re-elected. Selects Robot Richard Nixon as his VP

Plot Twist

election plot twist m night shymalan

Credit: John Sciulli/ Getty Images

Song_of-Storms: It turns out that this whole election was written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan and Kasich has been a ghost this whole time.