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Unbelieveable Paranormal Theories From Around the World That Still Exist Today

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Global Ghosts

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? As children, we become familiar with tales of magic, horror, and mystery whether from friends at school trying to show off, siblings trying to frighten us, or older relatives trying to teach us lessons.

Ghosts and spirits serve many purposes. From the religious to the cultural, most societies across the planet have some series of superstitions that have become engrained over the centuries. One of the most interesting things is how similar stories can exist even across societies that have never interacted, indicating that ghost stories and belief in the supernatural is inherently human, regardless of where you’re from.

If you’re from Europe or the Americas, you’ve probably heard the same old stories time and time again, with different ghosts and demons drifting between them. Redditors from countries outside of the West were asked to share the paranormal beliefs of their cultures and nations, and their stories are both frightening and enlightening.

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South Africa

global ghost stories snail


“A community burnt a man alive for ‘witchcraft’ here in South Africa. It is still much believed in. Muti (Potions) killings are still rife. As is the belief that sleeping with a virgin will cure you of aids.

A quote from the news article:

‘Community members had accused him of talking to animals and using an invisible penis to sleep with women in the informal settlement. They also accused his wife of turning into a snail and terrorising the community. The villagers also complained that Malwane’s family had used muti to make them sick after Malwane’s death.'”


South African Tokoloshe

global ghosts tokoloshe newspaper


“Don’t forget about the Tokoloshe.

Many black south africans still believe in the tokoloshe, a little midget demon conjured by witchdoctors to do their bidding. They can be commanded to harass and terrorize or even kill people, but my favourite “fact” about the tokoloshe is that apparently it has a huge dick and can rape women in their sleep, giving them such intense pleasure that their lifepartner is unable to satisfy them afterwards and the relationship crumbles.

People literally stack their beds on 4 or 5 bricks so that they’re too high for the tokoloshe to reach them while sleeping.”