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Unbelieveable Paranormal Theories From Around the World That Still Exist Today

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global ghosts nazar evil eye in tree

Source: pixabay

“You know Aladdin? The genie? Yeah, Turks believe that some form of Genie can be evil and cause you pain amd turmoil in your life. They call it “Cin” (sounds like Gin like the drink). If you call upon Cin, it will show itself in a way sometimes. Some believe that if a door slams and there’s no wind, Cin could be a logical explanation.

Also they have “Nazar”. It’s called the evil eye. Turks will hang these glass blue evil eyes in their homes and if it breaks or cracks that means that the evil eye thwarted you from being in danger. Also, light colored eyed turks also have “nazar”. Example, if someone wishes evil on you, then you might not be able to really function the next morning. Like being lethargic the whole day. Or if those evil eyed turks look at you and they for example like your shirt and want your shirt (thinking to themselves) and your shirt rips or a button falls off, then that is some serious nazar voodoo goin on.”



global ghost uganda night dancer

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“I lived in Uganda for a while. My Ugandan friends were terrified of “night dancers”. Apparently people can get possessed by a spirit that leads them to dance at night and eat people.

One of my friends had extended family in very rural Uganda. He was convinced the place was infected with these night dancers. So, whenever he went to visit his uncles/cousins etc. he refused to sleep in their houses and would hole up in a nearby tree for safety during night time.”



global ghost philippino Tiyanak

Source: Twitter @twonnycakes

“Philippines here. Supernatural beliefs are very much rampant and here you find the most interesting variety of ghosts and witches. Women that grow wings and snap their bodies in half at night, a giant man who smokes cigars under the tree or a monster pretending to be a baby that will kill you if you get too close. A lot of people still believe in these. There are also lots of things you’re not supposed to do like cut your nails at night, take a bath at night or piss under a tree without saying “please step aside” to any nearby dwarves. Needless to say the horror movie business here is pretty big too.

I also failed to state any examples of more religious superstitions, so an example is the translation of the Black Nazarene in January. Massive amounts of people flock to a black Jesus being carried around the street believing it will cure them of disease.”


“In my uncle’s death certificate, it said the cause of death was “witchcraft.” This is a legal document of the Philippines”