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Would You Rock This Newest Fashion Fad?

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korotoro underwear hat 3

Source: Dwango/ Korotoro

Remember when you were a little kid and you would sometimes wear your underwear on your head? (…Did anyone else do that?) Yeah, well now you can do it as an adult, too.

And no, I don’t mean doing it in the privacy of your apartment, but like, in public. Officially. Because there’s a new hat on the market that’s taking Japan by storm, and it looks exactly like—you guessed it—underwear. Thankfully, the hats come in both blue and pink to fit all your binary fashion needs.

Honestly, isn’t it about time someone invented these? I mean, how is it fair that underpants can double as hats, but hats can’t double as underpants? Finally, these babies restore a sense of balance to the world of fashion.

Okay, okay — so these are actually ridiculous. But you won’t believe how people are defending them.

korotoro underwear hat 1

Source: Twitter @korotoro

“Because they’re not panties, they’re not embarrassing,” one website explained.

Naturally, I assume they were being facetious, and yet I could still picture people rocking these unique hats on the streets of Tokyo or even certain neighborhoods of New York.

Not to be boring, but I don’t see these ever taking off in the US, do you? The fact that they look so infantile makes them a little uncomfortable… not to mention the fact that they’re, uh, underpants on your head. Wouldn’t the leg holes leave the two sides of your head a little cold? I always knew anime-inspired Japanese fashion was different, but this is really something new!

On the other hand, the designer, Korotoro, makes each hat almost entirely by hand, so that’s pretty impressive. I’ve never made anything that nice in my life, so it’s only fair to give credit where credit’s due. Unfortunately, I just don’t think this new trend is for me.

What about you? Would you rock this underwear, er, hat? SHARE with your friends if you would! And if you’re tempted, you can buy them here!

korotoro underwear hat 2

Source: Twitter @korotoro