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Unethical Life Hacks You Should Definitely NEVER Try

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Don’t Try These at Home… Cough Cough

Aren’t we all just trying to get ahead in life?

The older we grow, it feels like the more prone we are to look for shortcuts and make our many tasks as easy as possible. After all, why shouldn’t some things be simple?

The big question is just how we go about this process of simplification and if we’re being ethical about it. Tempting as the easy way out may be, it isn’t always legal.

So, while we in no way condone the following life hacks, you should definitely check these out to see which of these you would actually try and attempt.

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Source: Twitter @Superior_to_God

Outsmart Your Friends and Enemies… Just Don’t Get Caught!

Free Starbucks

hacks starbucks

Source: Twitter @Superior_to_God

At a drive thru, make your order as per usual (try for something small to avoid suspicion). When you get to the window to pick it up, the goal is to make a huge misunderstanding. Tactics include using a heavy accent, acting foreign, or simply acting confused and telling them that what they’re handing you is not what you ordered. Confuse the workers by poorly explaining that you ordered something different, but ultimately act sincere and offer to pay for their mistake and take the wrong item anyway. Chances are the employees will offer you the item for free, or even make you a new order and give you the mistake at no charge.

In theory, this unethical life hack could work at any drive thru as long as you pay and pick up your order at the same time.

Get your own row on crowded public transportation.

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Source: Twitter @yinnyangtweets

Hate feeling like a sardine on a bus, train, or even plane? Fend off other people by simply wearing one of those face masks, you know, the type that will make everyone thing you’re hideously contagious with SARS or something airborne, and watch would be bus partners go running the other way.