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University Study Helps Men Make Less Mess When They Pee

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Pee the Best You Can Pee.

If you’re a man, if you live with one, or if you’ve ever been in the men’s room (especially in public), you know just how horrifying it can be to experience a men’s bathroom.

Forget the grunge and ignore the smells: we’re talking the general dampness all around you, but nowhere more than on the floors and walls around the urinals.

While men are blessed with the luxury of the stand-up pee, this simple method of release also comes with its challenges, namely, splashing. Well-known and much-loathed by mothers, cleaning staff, and whoever gets stuck with cleaning the bathroom in homes, offices, restaurants, and especially bars around the globe, is there no end to the splashes of pee on practically every surface around the toilet?

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Well, according to this team of student researchers, the solution is pretty simple.

Students at Brigham Young University set out to study what causes urine backsplash when men pee, as well as how they can go about reducing it.

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Focusing on the fluid dynamics involved in peeing, the students soon earned the nickname “wizz kids.”

While from the man’s point of view, the urine may appear to be one single, steady stream, the researchers found out that the pee actually splits into many droplets not long after leaving the urethra. Naturally, this leads to a bigger mess than we might anticipate.

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The students simulated men peeing into a toilet and filmed it with a high-speed camera in order to study various methods of peeing.

Thanks to the video, the students were able to reaffirm that because the urine breaks into many drops—following the rules of Plateau-Rayleigh instability—each drop ends up creating splash-back.