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University Study Helps Men Make Less Mess When They Pee

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Following their study, the “wizz-kids” came up with a series of suggestions to help reduce splashing, which could lead to cleaner bathrooms and avoiding any embarrassing wet marks on pants and shoes.

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Some of their suggestions were as follows:

-Sit down. While inconvenient and even looked down upon (literally), sitting down to pee brings the contact point of the water in the bowl closer and reduces backsplash most efficiently.

-Stand closer to the urinal to avoid more splashing and more mess. Then again, this brings your clothes closer to the source and could create more risk for embarrassment.

-Try to hit the back of the urinal at a downward angle, so that the drops will bounce downward and not outward.

But then the suggestions started to get weird…

But then things started to get weird:

urinals 3

Source: Twitter @TravelFoto

-Lay down toilet paper in the urinal for a more absorbent surface.

-Pee with your pants all the way down to avoid splashing on the front of your trousers, à la elementary school.

-Squat above a toilet or urinal.

But the last recommendation we just can’t get on board with:

The dirtier the urinal, the better.

urinals dirty

Source: Twitter @americai

According to the study, ultra-clean urinals have significantly reduced surface tension. Their assumption, then, is that the grimier the urinal is with more muck inside, the better to reduce splashing. Yuck!

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