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Utah Mom Treats 3-Year-Old Daughter With Cannabis Oil

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“The very first time Remie had it, she walked on her own for the first time.”

While for many cannabis might simply serve as an extracurricular activity, for others it’s an absolute necessity, a miracle plant that vastly improves the quality of daily life.

For 3-year-old Remie Ellet medicinal marijuana gives her the ability to walk around, laugh, eat food, and act like a child. It frees her of many of the terrible side effects caused by a multitude of illnesses.

But after being confronted by the Utah Division of Child and Family Services, Remie Ellet’s mother, Sarah, is worried that she could lose custody of her daughter, have to discontinue use of the medication that’s provided a complete turnaround for her daughter, or sell her home and leave the state to continue proper medical treatment, unless Utah law passes legislation making medical marijuana legal.

remie ellet

Source: GoFundMe/@sweetsmallremedy

How many more patients like 3-year-old Remie will we allow to suffer before we amend our antiquity policies?

Medical marijuana has changed Sarah Ellet and her daughter’s life.

remie ellet

Source: GoFundMe/@sweetsmallremedy

Sarah Ellet’s 3-year-old daughter Remie suffers from thyroid disease, respiratory issues and digestive problems that require her to use a feeding tube. She has a condition effecting her pituitary gland called panhypopituitarism which causes blurred vision, growth problems, vomiting and low blood sugar. And although she’s been taking growth hormones, and thyroid and hydrocortisone medications, medical marijuana has by far been the best medication for the little girl. “The cannabis oil is a miracle,” Ellet told People. “It’s what’s giving her a good quality of life. The very first day Remie had it, she walked on her own for the first time. It’s helped balance her blood sugar, controlled her nausea and enabled her to move her jaw, chew and swallow. Because of this oil, she’s achieving milestones that we never thought possible.”

Then the family got a visit from the authorities.

remie ellet's family

Source: GoFundMe/@sweetsmallremedy

Ellet, 43, is also a single mother caring for two other disabled children. You can imagine how terrified she was when she got a visit from the Utah Division of Child and Family Services last Monday after they found out Ellet had been treating her daughter with cannabis oil. Someone had likely tipped the division off, thinks Ellet. “They told me they needed to make sure that Remie wasn’t in any danger,” Ellet said about the practice of placing two droplets of cannabis oil under her daughter’s tongue with a toothpick. “I told them they would have to leave and talk to my lawyer. They were polite and said they were sorry they had to be there, but it did cause me concern. My biggest worry is being unable to continue to treat Remie without being in violation of Utah law. There are a lot of risks there.”