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Utah Mom Treats 3-Year-Old Daughter With Cannabis Oil

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She’s not the only one…

Since she’s been forced to stop taking cannabis oil Ellet claims she’s seen major regressions in her daughter’s health. “When she cries she just says it hurts.” And if Remie was ever removed from Ellet’s care by child protective services Ellet fears that she would die in someone else’s care. “Even professionals who know her well don’t know how to deal with her overall situation.”

Remie’s story is a heartbreaking one, and knowing that she’s just one of many children or adults in the state who are suffering and could see major benefits from the drug is even more upsetting. Even Ellet herself, who suffers from familial polyps and had to have her colon removed, suffers from chronic pain and could benefit from its use. However, she’s abstained to help support her daughter’s case. “Once again, we see Utah state agencies enforcing outdated and ignorant cannabis policy, and again the outcome is unjust and cruel at best,” says Sen. Madsen himself.

“How many more parents, like Sarah, and their sick children, like Remie, will Utah government force to flee to more enlightened and compassionate states before their elected representatives start respecting them enough to return the freedom and choice that never should have been denied them to begin with?”

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