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Victoria’s Secret Receives Internet Hatred When Model’s Arms Are Obviously Photoshopped

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And another one.

An image posted on Instagram last week has the internets going cray. Victoria’s Secret posted a photo of Angels Stella Maxwell and Martha Hunt in lingerie. Typical, sexy VS photo, right? Well, in what was supposed to be promotional photo for free panties, fans zoomed in on something totally different. In the photo, there appears to be something weird going on with Martha’s arm.

Victoria’s Secret is legendary when it comes to putting out super altered photos. Fans are always there to call them out and this time was no different. They went IN. One commenter went so far to give a numbered list of what was wrong with the photo. You gotta see it.

Victoria's Secret angels shoot

Source: Instagram @victoriassecret

Fans didn’t hold back with the comments…

The photo

Victoria's Secret Angels Martha and Stella

Source: Instagram @victoriassecret

“Weird photoshop, look at her left arm lol,” said a commenter under this photo. Once fans looked closely at Martha’s arm (left), they pointed out suspicious white marks under her armpit. They also claimed that her stomach looked a bit abnormal, but it may be just the way she posed.

Expert chimes in

Victoria's Secret angels

Source: Instagram @victoriassecret

Ashley Hewson, an expert from Serif, the UK company that makes Affinity Photo, the professional editing tool, told MailOnline, “Modern image editing software is so effective that it’s hard to be certain, but the wavy outline of her inner arm might suggest that a distortion process called liquifying has taken place. The patchy white areas could also indicate that a different area of the photo has been duplicated and put into that space.”

Some fans had a better eye than others, pointing our specific manipulations…