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Video Showing Karate Teacher Making Kid Cry Is Drawing Millions

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“It’s called a test for a reason.”

Life isn’t always easy or fair, and, as we grow older, things typically only get more difficult.

What did you do as a kid that challenged you? Like other sports, karate is a popular choice for many children, whether they sign up for the history, exercise, or to learn more practical matters like self defense. And, like other sports, karate isn’t easy.

The more advanced you go, the more is expected of you, and the more work it takes to succeed. But how far is too far? And what is the lesson behind the hard work?

A new viral video shows the shocking moments when a little boy—and then his father—is forced to his breaking point by his no-nonsense sensei.

karate video you feel pain

Source: YouTube @Cave313

See why people are hailing it as as inspiration…

“You’re not punching hard enough.”

karate video you're not punching hard enough

Source: YouTube @Cave313

All seems normal as the shocking video starts. We see a group of young boys at karate class in what looks like a community multipurpose room. At the time of filming, one boy seems to be in the middle of a test in which he has to punch through a plank of wood.

He takes turns alternating his punches with both hands, and as he fails to break through the wood, he gets noticeably weaker and more upset. Finally, he breaks the plank, but then he visibly gives up and starts to cry.

“It’s called a test for a reason.”

karate video test for a reason

Source: YouTube @Cave313

The teacher seems angry. “Why are you crying?” he demands, but the boy is too afraid to answer. The rest of the class even looks nervous.

At this point, the sensei gets down on one knee and his demeanor completely changes. He starts by asking the boy why he’s crying. Though still imposing, the teacher is clearly concerned about the boy and wants to get down to the root of his problem.

The boy confesses that his left hand hurts while performing the exercise. Then the teacher reminds him, “But you did it though. You punched through with your left hand before.”

We see the boy regaining composure as the teacher continues to talk, and suddenly it’s clear why this video is so powerful.