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VIDEO: Teenager Groped and Pepper Sprayed at Trump Rally

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This latest Trump rally footage is the most disturbing yet.

For some time now, Trump rallies have continued to grow out of hand. Violence from protestors, Trump supporters, and would-be attackers have escalated the media frenzy around the GOP frontrunner’s campaign, and though Trump has said he condones such violence, it’s getting harder and harder to believe.

Have Trump rallies lost sight of their agenda and instead become showdowns of racism, violence, and clashing American ideals?

The latest act of violence comes from Janesville, Wisconsin, and this time, the purported victim is a 15-year-old girl (Edit: some reports are now saying the victim was 19.) When is enough enough?

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Source: Twitter @MollyBeck

See the shocking pictures and video below:

Even after acts of violence caused Trump to cancel a Chicago rally, physical altercations have become normal occurrences at Trump’s political events.

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The “us vs. them” mob mentality of such crowded rallies have people on their emotional edge, and while Trump has both condoned and denied the violence, he’s also blamed the “violent left” and the media for blowing altercations out of proportion.

As Trump moves from state to state to promote his campaign during ongoing primaries, both supporters and protestors come out to greet him in all their fervor.

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Source: Twitter @MollyBeck

As the candidate prepared to speak at a rally in Janesville, Wisconsin on March 29, a clash between people outside the event led to a disturbing argument.

According to police, a teenage girl of either 15 or 19 who was at the rally as a protestor, supposedly brandishing a sign that accused Trump of supporting white supremacy, was pepper-sprayed in the face after punching a man, much to the enjoyment of onlookers.