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VIDEO: Teenager Groped and Pepper Sprayed at Trump Rally

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Though eyewitnesses are giving different accounts, some are saying that the girl was groped by a man before she pushed him away, and that he pepper-sprayed her in return.

Other reports claim that the girl was merely pushed away, not groped, and that it was a different man who pepper-sprayed her than the man she punched in return.

You can see the disturbing video here. Police have been using this video and other recordings to determine the series of events that led to the shocking event.

Aside from the young age of the victim, the most concerning part of the footage is the reaction of the crowd around the girl.

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Source: Twitter @MollyBeck

Trump supporters in the immediate vicinity of the incident can be heard cheering when the girl gets maced, along with laughter and general revelry.

As deplorable as Trump has made himself out to be thus far in the race to the candidacy, he is only one man. What’s far scarier are the thousands upon thousands of people coming out to cheer him on at his rallies, pledging their votes to him, and engaging in acts of violence and hatred in his name.

Janesville police immediately began looking for the man who may have possibly assaulted and/ or pepper-sprayed the girl.

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Source: Twitter @news3leah

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