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Viral Hashtag Wants You to #ExplainTwitterToA4YearOld

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Twitter for Tots.

You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but young pups can learn just about anything.

If you aren’t an internet native, the current omnipresence of technology in our daily lives could be a struggle or perhaps even a bit frightening. And it’s only going to get stronger. As always, tech is the way of the future.

Many adults who grew up without having to worry about “screen time,” however, are avid fans and skilled users of many devices and social media platforms today. You yourself may even have a Twitter that you use fairly often to catch up on news, share your thoughts and opinions with friends, or even just to retweet that cute cat meme.

But what about the kids? Isn’t it complicated and confusing to explain something as diverse and bizarre as Twitter to children? A viral hashtag on Twitter this week asked users to #ExplainTwitterToA4YearOld, and these are the responses people came up with!

twitter for kids cute kitties

Source: Twitter @growingupzee

Would you explain it like this?

Monsters Under the Bed

twitter monsters under the bed

Credit: Shutterstock/ Suzanne Tucker

@Nikeyg1: “There are no monsters under your bed. They’re online, waiting to tear you down for liking something, anything.”

We All Need a Time Out

twitter adult tantrum man biting computer

Credit: Shutterstock/ Rugdal

@PSyvret: “A special place where grown-ups can throw tantrums”