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Viral Movement Helps People Love the Skin They’re In

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Now, a new social media movement entitled #UnfairandLovely is going viral, as men and women with darker skin are showing that they can be beautiful, too, despite the prominence of light-skinned people in Asian TV, film, and advertisements as examples of beauty.

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Source: Instagram @unfairandlovely_

Started by Pax Jones at the University of Texas, the movement is encouraging people to embrace their dark skin, regardless of the “shadist” world we live in or cultures they come from.

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Source: Instagram @unfairandlovely_

Pax’s movement started with a website of photographs and has evolved into a colorful and encouraging Instagram account that shares the stories of its many contributors.

The viral hashtag #UnfairandLovely coincided with this past week’s Reclaim the Bindi Week, which encouraged college students of Indian heritage to embrace their culture and the traditional beauty associated with it.

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Source: Instagram @unfairandlovely_

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