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Vlogger Attacks Ashley Graham SI Cover With New “Dear Fat People” Rant

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Who is Ashley Graham? Well if you haven’t heard the amazing news, Graham is the first plus-size model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated most antipated issue. She is one of three cover models for the swimsuit issue, all of whom were recently revealed on Instagram. Many body positive women (and men) are estatic about this choice. Even though she isn’t a traditional model, she’s still amazingly sexy and shaped more like the average American woman.

But what’s this controversy? Of course there’s going to be haters. A famous vlogger on YouTube was quick to respond to the news of Graham being on the cover of SI. But why does she care so much about someone else’s body?

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Source: Youtube @Nicole Arbour

Haters gonna hate!

“Dear Fat People”

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Nicole Arbour is a big proponent of fat-shaming: Making plus-sized people feel bad about themselves for some agenda that just seems like cruelty. Her original post last September has over 10 million views.

Say WHAT?!

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Source: Youtube @Nicole Arbour

“If any of the other models showed up looking like her, they’d be fired,” Arbour argues. “How the f*** is that fair? The truth is if she worked out a little bit more, she wouldn’t be plus size any more, which means she can’t sell shit to plus size women who’ve turned her into their hero. So to make money, she’s keeping the weight on.”