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VP Joe Biden Weds Two Gay White House Officials

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One year after the legalization of gay rights, Joe Biden officiated the marriage for Brian Mosteller, the Director of Oval Office Operations, and Joe Mashie, a trip coordinator for Michelle Obama.

But Biden even went one step further than that, Biden hosted the wedding in his own home on August 1. It was Biden’s first time officiating a wedding.

Progressive Means Progress

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Right before the 2012 presidential election, Biden said transgender rights are the “civil rights issue of our time.” Joey B has his eyes open and can sense tension in our great country. When there’s a senseless backlash against LGBT people, people of color, those of different religions and so many more disenfranchised Americans, it has been good to know that this administration has been looking after us as best as they could. When he leaves office, he says he’ll still be a prominent figure in politics and social justice.

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