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Waiters of Reddit Tell Their Best Revenge Stories

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The customer is NOT always right.

Anyone who has worked in the service industry knows how rude, demanding and offensive some customers can be. While any upstanding and self-respecting server knows not to mess with someone’s food, we do have other ways of getting back at you. Sure, these revenge stories may be petty, but the payoff is so, so sweet. Remember: Servers are human beings, not your slaves. Hopefully you’ll keep these tales in mind the next time you stiff your waitress or bartender.

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If these stories don’t teach you a lesson in kindness and politeness, then there is no hope for you, and you should just eat at home.

Do d-bags really not know they are d-bags?

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“I worked as a server at a bar and this guy sitting in my section was a total douche to me all night, even though I was sweet to him. After taking care of him for about an hour, I was incredibly frustrated, but still giving excellent service. Then he said something along the lines of ‘If you want a tip, you’re gonna have to do better than that sweetheart!’

Fuck you, sir. If you think I’m gonna kiss your cheap ass just to get a $2 tip on your $80 tab, you’re insane. I took everyone else’s orders before his, and I brought his drinks out one at a time. Everyone else at his table got theirs first. This whole time, I’m still being super sweet to him – ‘oh, so sorry that took awhile sir, we had to restart the computers,’ etc, so that he can’t complain to my manager about any sort of attitude. This was around 12:30 and the cutoff for ordering drinks is at 1:50am (depending on the size of the crowd), so I waited until 1:51 and informed him he had 9 minutes to finish his drink and leave.

Between the time he made the tip comment and 1:50 I managed to get away with serving him only 3 drinks. When 2:00am rolled around, he wasn’t done with his drink, so I walked up to him and took it (policy). He gave me the meanest look I have ever seen and he called me a bitch. I had our bouncer throw him out.” (erinkay641)


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“Bartender. This guy used to come into my bar late at night, always with a different woman. He was incredibly rude, (a money waver and yeller and just all around douchey) so I waited until he brought in a girl that was especially attractive and then casually asked him if he could thank the girl that he’d brought in the night before because she ‘tipped me really well.’ His date left without him about half an hour later.” (Lexivy)