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Waiters Share the Most Awkward Dates They’ve Ever Witnessed

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Yo-effing-lo: “I am not a waiter but a bartender, but this particular moment is something I never forget.”

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“My shift began at 7pm and when I arrived at the bar at 6, my manager told me there’s a guy who wanted to propose to his girlfriend at this bar and he wanted me to help him with it. I said ‘Sweet, no probs.’ so the manager gave me a ring and told me to put it on top of her drink.

Fast forward to the date, the girl was wearing normal thing you would see at the bar, low cut top, black skirt and heels and shit. The bar was pretty busy. She ordered a Long Island (fuck you Laura), so I put the ring on the straw and hand it to him. She had the ‘What the fuck mate?’ look and then he dropped on his knees. Our manager put on some romantic songs. To my surprise she threw the drink at the poor bloke and ran out of the bar.

Later I came to know that it was their second date.”

I_AM_SAILOR_MARS: “I had a date get broken up by about ten cops rushing the table.”

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“Turns out the guy was a big time drug dealer who the cops had been looking for for quite some time. He got tackled, cuffed and taken outside. Meanwhile I’m standing there holding their food and a tray of drinks. All I could think of to say was ‘Sooooo… Should I box this stuff up for you?'”

novags500: “I greet this couple with 2 kids. Say my usual ‘How are you guys doing today?’ The man says ‘great’ the wife then looks at her husband and screams ‘You’re such a f*cking liar, we’re not great!'”

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