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Waiters/ Waitresses: What’s the Most Personal Conversation You’ve Ever Overheard at a Table?

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Just the check, please.

For hundreds of years, restaurants have been hubs of social activity.

Infinitely different in style, cuisine, and atmosphere, restaurants are where we take first dates, gather to see old friends, or meet as families. Restaurants are where we celebrate weddings and birthdays, but also where we commemorate memorials or gather after a funeral. At their very core, restaurants are where we eat and drink, sustaining ourselves in our most basic instinct to survive.

And, of course, between the tables and behind the scenes, the waitstaff allows restaurants to run as well-oiled machines; they diligently running from table to kitchen, serving as the face of the restaurant and putting up with even the most unbearable of customers.

Since we spend so many important and delicate moments in restaurants, waiters and waitresses are bound to see and hear more than they bargained for, whether it be good, bad, or just plain wild.

Restaurant workers were asked to share the most sensitive, personal, and uncomfortable conversations they ever overheard at customer’s tables, and this is what they had to say…

waiter writing down order restaurant

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Could one of these tables have been YOU?

Bun in the Oven

girl looking at pregnancy test

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Two adults and two teenagers, woman and girl on one side of the table, man and boy on the other. I just assume it’s a normal family out for dinner. Walk up after some time to take their order and they are all deep in conversation. Turns out they’re not related, yet. They are all discussing what to do about the boy getting the girl pregnant. (supersnaps)

Ghosts From the Past

old man in wheelchair with nurse

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An elderly couple sat down at a table in my section once, and the husband obviously had some severe health issues (Oxygen tank, and a nurse with him) so I guess he decided to confess to an affair during WW2 with one of the nurses in Germany, the wife was a little teary eyed at first, but forgave the guy saying “we’ve been married almost 75 years, you think I’m gonna let the past ruin it all now?” (N3KO_MURF)