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Waiters/ Waitresses: What’s the Most Personal Conversation You’ve Ever Overheard at a Table?

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Just the Check

messy table tip


“Me and your sister are in love and I want a divorce”
Strangly enough they didn’t have dessert. (dougie0341)

I’ll Have the Fish

salmon dish restaurant

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I had someone wave me over to take their order while their fellow guest was in the bathroom, at which point she burst into tears and told me she was getting a divorce, her mother had just died, she was about to be fired and she wanted the grilled salmon. Honestly had no clue what to respond apart from ‘… How well cooked would you like it?’ Poor woman, still wonder about her and hope she’s alright. (Rollson95)


martini splash


I was bringing a man his third martini, at lunch, as his companion confronted him about alcoholism. (fun_shirt)