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Watch How This Awesome Homer Stormtrooper Cake Was Made

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In a bakery far, far away…

Letterpress Bakery has just created the ultimate geek cake. Based in Vancouver, they mashed up two of the greatest cultural icons: Homer Simpson and a Star Wars Storm Trooper in dessert form! The bakery uploaded the progress of their 3 dimensional cake on January 4th. Also, another company documented the process in a really cool video that really makes you appreciate the art and skill that goes into something like this. Move over Cake Boss, we want more geeky nerd desserts!

homer stormtrooper cakehomer stormtrooper cake

Source: Imgur @letterpressbakery


Cake Head

homer cake head

Source: Imgur @letterpressbakery

It already looks awesomely delicious and adorable. They call this Tattooine Tangerine.


homer cake 001

Source: Imgur @letterpressbakery

It looks two dimension, but it’s actually 3-D!