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Watch These Cats Shake It Off

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shake cat 001

Source: YouTube @Carli Davidson

Our collective cat obsession is at an all time high. It started with LOL Cats to our Facebook feeds and now cats on clothing is in fashion. Maybe I’m projecting, but whenever I have a free minute I like to look at cats on the internet. Whether it’s photos, memes or videos, I’m as cat crazy as you are. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs as well. There’s just something awesomely expressive about cats. They are kinda snooty, kinda mean and can be the sweetest things in the world at the same time.


shake cat 002

Source: YouTube @Carli Davidson

Photographer Carli Davidson has gone where no cat lover has gone before: Documenting cats in with a high speed camera as they shake their heads at warp speed. You may remember her doing this with dogs last year. Check out the video below for cats shaking their heads in slow motion and prepare to squee yourself.

shake cat 003

Source: YouTube @Carli Davidson

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