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Watching People Cook Miniature Meals Is Oddly Fascinating

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Bon Appétit!

Do you dream of food? Are you hungry all the time, constantly on the search to fulfill your next craving? Well you’re definitely not alone.

Food is one of the most enjoyable things on the planet, not only a physical necessity but an art that we have learned to refine and enjoy like no other. Chefs and enthusiasts alike are always looking for new ways to cook, deconstruct, transform, and present their foods, but this one YouTube page has taken its gastronomy to a whole new level: a miniature one.

Pocket Resort will tantalize you with their mini-recipes, and watching the simultaneously tantalizing yet discomforting process of making such small dishes might just satisfy your hunger for something new!

tiny food intro

Source: YouTube @Pocket Resort

How many helpings of these will you need until you’re full?

First Course: Banana Pancakes

Source: YouTube

Pairs well with a very tiny Jack Johnson.

Second Course: Salmon Steak

Source: YouTube

Imagine the patience that must go into this…