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Website Offers to Smash Stuff for Stressed Students

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There’s no doubt about it — breaking stuff is fun. There’s something about destroying something fragile that really helps you get your aggression out. Of course, this should be within sane limits. You don’t want to go around psychotically throwing your grandma’s china at the wall or breaking your neighbor’s windows with a baseball bat. These are bad ideas mainly because you’ll have to pay for it and/or clean it up. Don’t have anything to smash?

There’s an app for that, too.

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Well, technically it’s a website. Deakin University in Australia has made a website for high school students to get their agressio and stress out. You see, students in the Victoria region are currently cramming for their VCE exams so Deakin University has created a quick and effective study break for students in the form of Streetbreak.

“Just tell us which Break Crew member you want to act out your smash. Then select the tool and the object for destruction and we’ll do our best to make it happen,” the site says. Students can choose from objects like printers, picture frames, computers, pillows and more. The “Break Crew” members are dressed up as a robot, hotdog, ghost and sloth. Instant stress relief! It may not be as good as breaking stuff yourself, but it really is entertaining and a quick and fun break from studying.

The live 90-minute show runs until October 23 and highlights from day one of the experiment on October 19, alongside the full version of events which can be seen below.

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