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Website Reveals the Locations of ALL Pokémon. Go!

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See ’em All Before You Catch ’em All

If there’s a lazier way to do something, someone will figure it out and exploited it to the fullest. Thus, is the case with Pokémon Go. Someone has created a lazier way to catch all of your favorite Pokémon, so you don’t have to do as much thinking or walking, perhaps the very reason for the game’s existence. Should this be considered cheating or genius? Has Pokémon Go even been around long enough to garner purists? Let’s find out!

pokemon go app

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For the laziest Pokémon Go players among you!

The Rise of PokéMania

Pokemon Go Screenshot

Image: Anakin1993/Reddit

Pokémon Go exploded with week or two of its America release, then other countries started clamoring for it. The game invites users to physically walk around their towns looking at an “augmented reality” screen from their phone’s camera and real maps in order to find little, animated creatures that they then capture to either train and fight other creatures collected by other real gamers nearby, or just to have. Augmented reality is a newer technology that blends reality with smart tech to create a real fantasy world. Remember when Who Framed Roger Rabbit had real actors in a real world that also had cartoon characters walking around in it? It’s the souped-up version of that.

Making it All Too Easy

pokevision map


Pokévision has become as hugely popular hack for the game in just a few short days. You can simply type in your location, click the scan button, and see where all of the Pokémon are near you and when they are going to disappear, which takes all of the guesswork out of the game. In fact, the site, which is free to use, has been visited by 16 million people in a mere six days.