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Weed Nutella Is Guaranteed to Make Your Life Better

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A New High in the World of Edibles

Edibles are becoming more delectable than ever, and with more states legalizing marijuana, it’s sure to be trend we only see more of.

Naturally, with increasing freedom to use the drug recreationally, people are bound to get creative with how they choose to consume.

Smoking isn’t for everybody, and the edible marijuana industry has grown tremendously following 23 states and Washington, DC legalizing the drug in some form. These days, it’s so much more than just pot brownies or cookies. Now there are entire cannabis cookbooks helping people explore the new “high” gastronomy.

But this latest product is the ingredient we need to try ASAP…

weed nutella intro

Source: Instagram @chrontella

Did somebody say weed Nutella?

Chrontella is a weed and food lover’s dream come true.

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Source: Instagram @chrontella

Though it’s been around for decades, the hazelnut spread Nutella has soared in popularity in American markets over the past few years. Now, it’s marijuana-infused counterpart is driving the edibles world nuts.

According to customers, Chrontella tastes exactly like Nutella, but packs a pleasant punch afterwards.

weed nutella featured

Source: Instagram @instaamp

At $23 a jar, Chrontella contains 300 mg of cannabis extract and is labeled as containing three servings, although 100 mg is a hefty dose for many.