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Weird and Rare Kinks People Actually Have

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Really, who wants vanilla?

While many people are satisfied with “normal” bedroom antics, some of us crave something more exciting in the sheets (or in other locations). You’ve heard of BDSM and foot fetishes, but there are countless things out there that will turn someone on somewhere. Learn about some of the oddest, most interesting fetishes aka paraphilias.

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Please don’t Google image search these!


fancy man eating raw meat

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A lot of us imagine what human flesh actually tastes like. While most of us don’t go mutilating ourselves or others, some people are just plain sexually attracted to cannibalism. You should read the story of a German man who ate his lover, who was willing.



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We all love gold. It’s easy on the eyes and signifies wealth. But do you love gold things so much that your pants get tight? Think of Goldmember. I’m pretty certain gold colored condoms and body paint will help one of these people out. But what if they randomly get turned on walking by a jewelry store?