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Weird and Unexplained Phenomena That Were Actually Caught on Camera

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Caught on Camera

Who doesn’t love a shocking viral video or rumored “proof” of paranormal or inexplicable events caught on film?

Humans have loved myths and haunting folklore for centuries. First passed down as oral stories, these rumors and legends evolved over time into spectacular productions of film, television, and now internet sensations. While many are done as pranks or staged videos, sometimes there’s still that one roll of footage nobody can quite explain, and though the proof is right before our eyes, no one understands it.

From low-quality videos and photographs to truly puzzling, high-definition video proof, some of these events were disputed by witnesses while others were clear as day. Nevertheless, all of them remain, despite theories and despite assumptions, unsolved.

Redditors were asked to come up with the craziest mysteries captured on camera or that have photographic evidence, and this is what they came up with.

caught on camera max headroom incident detail

Source: YouTube/ jonrev

Check out these mysteries caught on film…

The Battle of Los Angeles

caught on camera battle of los angeles


Probably the Battle of Los Angeles.

Long story short an object was spotted hovering slowly over LA during WWII. The entire Los Angeles anti aircraft battery engaged it for like an hour thinking it was a Japanese aircraft but couldn’t damage it. Then after a while it just disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. (Shorvok)

The Mariana UFO Incident

caught on camera mariana ufo incident

Source: YouTube/ MrCL1O

The Mariana UFO Incident which occurred on August 15, 1950 in Great Falls, Montana. It’s supposedly the first UFOS captured on video and was filmed by Nick Mariana, the manager of a minor league baseball team. He saw a white flash and noticed two silvery objects moving quickly through the sky and grabbed his 16 mm camera. His footage was later sent to an air force base investigation who claimed they were two jet fighter planes, however Nick reported when he received the film back, part of it was missing, the part that most clearly showed the UFOs as spinning objects, nothing like the jet fighters. Others who has seen the footage backed up his claim but the air force denied they had taken it. (_coyotes_)