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Weird Facts About the Canadian-American Border

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Oh, Canada

The Great White North, Our Neighbors to the North, the True North Strong and Free: by any name, Americans are lucky to have good ol’ Canada as our neighbors and allies.

Though we may depend on a series of stereotypes and misconceptions when talking about each other, Americans and Canadians truly aren’t so different, a fact you may have discovered if you’ve ever traveled beyond the border.

With a similar sense of values and ideals both on the national and global scale, Americans and Canadians share much more than just a border. Speaking of which, did you know that we share the longest border in the world?

Turns out there are tons of weird and interesting facts about our shared border. Check them out below!

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It’s so much more than Niagara Falls…

The Longest

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At 5,525 miles, the Canada-United States border is the longest in the world, with 1,538 miles existing between Alaska and Yukon alone. There are 13 US states and 8 Canadian provinces along the border.

Not Straight

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Though the border stretching from Minnesota to Washington looks straight on maps, it’s actually a series of some 900 zigzagging lines between monuments that early explorers set up roughly along the 49th parallel long before they had GPS.