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Weird Fruits and Vegetables That Will Make You Think Twice Before Eating

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Food for Thought

Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon that causes our brains to look for familiar patterns in images and sounds in order to better understand them. More often than not, with a visual stimulus, pareidolia causes us to see the shapes of humans or human traits, specifically faces.

From seeing the outline of a person in your closet at night to figures in the clouds and even the Man on the Moon, pareidolia is a funny effect, one that unintentionally provides us with questionable company in moments of loneliness, all the while looking for a deeper meaning in the shapes and sounds around us.

Though the effect can sometimes be far-fetched, the faces and figures people saw in these oddly-shaped fruits and vegetables are undeniable!

weird fruits square watermelon

Source: Imgur @mahmoodalam62

Would you be willing to bite into these?


weird fruits duck tomato

Source: Imgur @majesticloulou

These tomatoes are too cute to eat.


weird fruits foot vegetable

Source: Imgur @majesticloulou

The farmer probably thought he found a human body part in the field.