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Weird Pokémon Cosplays You Can’t Unsee

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All types of nerdom are not only accepted, but celebrated these days. Do you play ‘Dungeons & Dragons’? You don’t have to play in your mom’s basement to avoid bullying; you can play at your local coffeeshop! Are you looking for a leading lady in your life? Check out the local comic shop; girls love comic books. It’s truly a different world in this respect. Even cosplay, the art of dressing up as your favorite fictional character and flaunting your stuff, is super cool. And it should be obvious by now that Pokémon is one of the biggest genres for cosplay, at least until it becomes unpopular again.

We’ve rounded up some of the not so good cosplayers who love Pokémon to the point of obsession. Go for it, nerds!

PokemonGo user dresses like her character from the game

Source: Imgur @kildne

You can’t top these superfans.

Gender Confused

pokemon cosplayers

Source: Imgur @Brintyboo

These gender bending Pokémon players look like their having a great time. He looks very comfortable in those Daisy Dukes.

Pokéball Gown

pokeball gown

Source: Imgur @DaniSkye

How many Pokémon do you think she can fit in there?