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Weird Sex Stories From History

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Baby, You and Me Ain’t Nothing but Mammals

Ah, yes, history. History is the subject we look back upon when deciding how to move forward. The subject that teaches us about where we come from, how the Earth developed thus far, why we’re here, what we’ve built and come to learn. History is filled with impressive feats, great names, people, and characters that fill its pages with their accomplishments, their deeds, and…their weird sex lives?

From great minds like Rousseau to great generals like Napoleon and great artists like Mozart, these historical figures had some seriously surprising sexual sides!

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They certainly never taught THIS in history class…

Mozart’s Scatological Fetish

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Source: Twitter @FPozo_SC

Aside from his incomparable contribution to music, it turns out that Mozart was a huge advocate for people with poop fetishes. Though it still puzzles Mozart scholars to this day, many of Mozart’s personal correspondence (especially with his cousin Maria Ann Thekla Mozart) includes explicit sexual references to human feces.

While the humor seems to have been accepted within his own family and even German society at the time, other scholars today attribute it to Mozart’s poor mental health. The scatological humor in his letters can be widely read today, or even enjoyed in song form, such as in his canon “Leck mich im Arsch” (“Lick Me in the Arse”).

Mickey Mantle’s Pride Went to His Head

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In order to celebrate Yankee Stadium’s 50th anniversary in 1973, the Yankees contacted former players and asked them to share their best memory from the ballpark. The response they got from Mickey Mantle (in a signed, handwritten note, no less) was probably not the type of memory they were looking for.

Mantle wrote, “I got a blow-job under the right field bleachers by the Yankee bull pen,” and went on to explain it in some detail. You can read the whole note here.